Research Fellow • CNR – Neuroscience Institute Pisa

Research Fellow (two years)

Job Institution – Department
CNR – Neuroscience Institute Pisa

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Scientific Responsable (Name and Contacts)
Prof. Marco Mainardi,

Job Description
A research fellowship (assegno di ricerca) is available in the research group of Prof. Marco Mainardi at Istituto di Neuroscienze (Neuroscience Institute), Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (National Research Council), Pisa.

The project, funded by the PNRR “THE – Tuscany Health Ecosystem” grant is aimed at (i) mapping structural plasticity of synapses and (ii) characterizing the synaptome changes in response to learning and memory tasks, in both physiological conditions and preclinical models of neurodegeneration. To achieve these goals, gene constructs for fluorescent reporters and for labeling the synaptic proteome, will be created and expressed in vivo using adeno-associated viral vectors. Ideal candidates should be familiar with cellular-molecular biology and confocal microscopy, or with in vivo neurobiological techniques (behavioral testing, neuroanatomy).

The initial duration of the position is 1 year, with an already funded extension for 1 year, with an expeced starting date from October – November 2023.
The call is about to be published on the CNR website, at the link

Candidates should contact prof. Marco Mainardi for further details on the position and on the application procedure at the e-mail address

cellular and molecular biology; confocal microscopy; in vivo behavioral testing; neuroanatomy

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