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Advantages of being a BraYn Member:

  • Special discount to join the BraYn Conference, the annual event held by the Association;
  • Reserved funding opportunities – BraYn annually offers registered members a variety of grants;
  • Access to a private area – Members Area* – in which you can find:
    • the BraYn Community: engaging, inspiring, and connecting scientists are some goals of the BraYn Association. You will meet the members of our heterogeneous and growing scientific community;
    • Exclusive Educational Workshops and media/scientific materials from previous BraYn conferences;
    • Lost in the Protocol section: become a BraYn Member allows you to share and discuss technical-scientific queries that directly impact your laboratory life;
    • Job offers, shared within the BraYn platform.

And now… Let’s start BraYning together!

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New/Renew Membership Fee: € 25,00

* The instructions for accessing the Members Area will be provided to you by mail after confirming your registration as a member.

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